The Secret to Success in Digital Marketing

It is hard to do but can be a game-changer

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The success of your digital marketing campaign or your digital marketing project depends on whether you do it or not and paying close attention to this will make you and your digital marketing campaigns much more successful.

Digital marketing is flexible

It amazes me how easy it is to blow the digital marketing budget. But there is a very effective principle that will prevent you from wasting your money in digital marketing which is an analytics and CLM (Closed-Loop Marketing).

Digital marketing these days gives us an amazing ability to track, measure effectiveness and constantly improve our digital marketing campaigns and products so you do not have to be perfect from the start. If you are building a ship, yes, you probably want to make it right the first time because it will be pretty hard to alter things later (like the size and the number of passengers or the cargo the ship can take) but in the digital marketing world we have an amazing opportunity to test, measure and change things along the way pretty much the way we want and there are almost no restrictions.

You need efficient KPI and analytics system

The key here is to implement an efficient system of analytics that will measure key performance indicators of our digital campaign or a digital product and learnings will be immediately implemented into the digital project.

Whether you have an internal creative and production team or you are using an agency please pay attention to this and make sure you know how your digital channels are performing (e.g. how many people are using your website or an app, how they use it, which sections/topics are the most popular, what they are looking for, whether they find what they have been looking for and ultimately whether they achieve your overall marketing objective).

The crucial thing here is not only knowing it but to actually do something with this data, learn from it and apply changes that will improve the effectiveness of your digital campaign, project, website, app, etc. Just knowing what is happening (e.g. how many people are using it, which pages/sections/slides are the most popular) is not good enough. Ask the question “why”, learn and apply changes that will make your product or digital marketing campaign more effective.

It is hard to do but it is very important

This is not an easy task, it requires a lot of time, effort and money (so make sure you allocate to it quite a significant part of your overall budget and make sure you work with professionals in the area) but I cannot stress enough how important this is and how many people still cannot see the importance of it which also gives you a great opportunity to get ahead of your competition if you apply it in all your marketing activities.


Regardless of your project size, small or big, regardless of your budget, a few hundred or a few million, please, always pay attention to analytics and make informed decisions about the future of your digital marketing projects and how to allocate any further budget based on the analytics; it doesn’t have to be guesswork anymore. The marketing and the way people respond to it, what they pay attention to, how they use the web, their mobile phone etc. change constantly and change very quickly and something that worked a year ago is not necessarily going to work the same way today and where it is good to rely on experience from previous digital marketing projects the only bulletproof way to check the effectiveness of your digital marketing initiative and to make it better is to track, analyse, learn, improve and repeat this process over and over.

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