How to grow the business in 2020 with knowledge sharing

Przemyslaw Jarzynski
2 min readMar 11, 2020

The benefits of knowledge sharing in any organisation are unquestionable. According to Jay Liebovitz, knowledge sharing not only improves innovation in the organisation but also increases knowledge retention and people retention.

Benefits of knowledge sharing don’t convince everybody, but in today’s very competitive world implementing knowledge sharing is one of the best, simplest and most effective ways to grow your business, improve performance and cost-effectiveness.

However, it is sometimes important to ask a question what is the most important for individuals in your organisation? Whether this is their strong position in the organisation for their own benefit and success or the success of the whole organisation that benefits everybody? Some time ago I heard a very interesting sentence that says “everybody sharing knowledge is better that everybody is looking for a job”.

If you don’t make it clear that team effort is more important than individual performance, implementing knowledge sharing in your organisation can be a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, individual effort is important and has to be recognised. But the more you emphasize team effort and the team successes the more the team will work together and will be more collaborative and in the knowledge sharing spirit.

Organisational knowledge sharing success cycle shows how everybody can contribute and benefit from knowledge sharing in an organisation. It represents win-win-win situation.

  1. Customers win because the employees have more knowledge and therefore create better products and are more efficient which means products are better and cheaper for the customers.
  2. Company wins because customers are happy and the quality is better and costs lower and therefore customers come back for more products and services.
  3. Employees win because their knowledge and skills are more attractive in the job market and they can earn more money whether in this organisation or somewhere else.
Organisational knowledge sharing success cycle.

Organisational knowledge sharing success cycle is very easy to understand and I hope it will help to convince you if you are not convinced yet, that sharing knowledge can bring benefits to your organisation.

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