AI to NoCode: Transforming Healthcare, Education, and Web Development

Przemyslaw Jarzynski
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Image generated by AI (Midjourney)

Welcome to this week’s newsletter, where we explore the groundbreaking ways technology is shaping our world! Dive into how Generative AI is revolutionizing healthcare by automating tasks and personalizing treatment. Discover why Google is watermarking AI-generated images and what OpenAI suggests about ChatGPT’s role in education. Learn about Webflow’s latest update aimed at democratizing development capabilities. Find out how Make challenges Zapier in workflow automation, and why omnichannel marketing is the way forward for businesses. Get ready for a knowledge-packed read!


How Generative AI Impacts the Healthcare Industry

The article explores the substantial impact of Generative AI on the healthcare industry. It highlights how this technology is capable of automating administrative tasks, thus reducing the overall costs associated with healthcare. Generative AI can also sift through large volumes of data to create personalized treatment plans, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of care and increasing patient satisfaction. Additionally, the technology has shown promise in expediting the development of drugs for rare diseases, making it both cost-effective and time-saving.

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Google tests watermarks to identify AI images

Google, through its AI subsidiary DeepMind, is testing a digital watermarking system called SynthID to identify images created by artificial intelligence (AI). The watermark is invisible to the human eye but can be detected by computers. This initiative aims to combat disinformation by making it easier to distinguish between real and AI-generated images. The watermarking is not foolproof against extreme manipulations but remains detectable even after the image is cropped or edited. Currently, this watermarking system is limited to Google’s own image generator, Imagen.

The technology comes as part of a larger effort to ensure the safe and transparent use of AI, a commitment Google shares with other tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon. DeepMind’s head of research, Pushmeet Kohli, emphasized that this is an experimental launch to understand the system’s robustness…

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