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Przemyslaw Jarzynski
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The developers' world is obsessed with technical skills and everything seems to be revolving around programming languages — which one to choose, frameworks — which one is the best and earn you the most money if you learn it and many other technical and mostly irrelevant issues.

The truth of…

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I’ve had five jobs throughout my 20-year career as a web developer. Yes I know, this is not many by today's standards. One thing I’m proud of though is that I’ve never had to apply for many jobs and go on too many interviews. …

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The web development world is becoming more and more complex these days and the amount of knowledge you need to know in this profession is huge. It is not possible to know everything and developers usually specialise in specific programming languages and frameworks.

Web development divisions

The main two groups of web developers…

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The idea of this challenge is to post at least one piece of content on YouTube, Medium or TikTok (or any other social platform of your choice) for 90 days.

The purpose of the challenge is to practice and become more consistent with publishing content online.

If you have been…

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What distinguishes incredible effective web developers from other developers, is not necessarily their coding skills, the number of programming languages or frameworks they know, but simply that they can deliver when the business needs it the most.

While other developers meticulously format and refactor their code, spend hours discussing if…

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If you have been trying to secure a job as a Junior Web Developer recently but have been unsuccessful I have a few tips for you in this article that you can try during your next interview to increase your chances.

Let’s face it, a job interview is nothing else…

As a web developer, you need to not only stay up to date with the knowledge in your domain but also pay close attention to what is happening around it. …

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I have spent 20 years in public school education and I don’t think I have learnt anything useful apart from reading and writing. Most of the things I don’t remember anyway because learning in school was always very theoretical and not very practical. …

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When reading Twitter or watching YouTube videos as a Web Developer that is just getting started, you can get the impression that Senior Web Developers are superheroes. They often talk about perfect code or the “rules” of web development that Junior Web Developers must follow and learn from. …

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After a long and difficult interview process, you finally start your first job at a company as a web developer. This is what you need to do to make it a success.

1. Understand your job description.

Job descriptions have often very little to do what you actually do on your job. However, you still…

Przemyslaw Jarzynski

Web Development, No-code, Automation. YouTube:

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