9 Reasons To Become a Content Creator as a Web Developer

How becoming a content creator as a Web Developer can help in your career

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The role of a Web Developer is to produce code, make and deploy websites, do testing, etc. Right? Well, not anymore. There is this content creation thing that everybody is doing at the moment. Why should you even care about it and should you do it too if you are a Web Developer? In this article, I’m going to tell you about 9 reasons to become a content creator as a Web Developer and how this can help in your career.

If you create content as a Web Developer…

1. You learn all the time

When you want to write an article or record a YouTube video tutorial you need to research the topic. It usually means reading a few blog articles, watching some YouTube videos to refresh the subject in your head. Even if you know the subject very well you usually need to remind yourself of certain aspects of whatever you are writing or recording a video about.

That is a good refresher and you usually also come across new topics as you do it about other technical aspects of the subject you may not be aware of. So this is a great way to learn new things and refresh concepts that you already know that you otherwise wouldn’t have done it if you were not a content creator.

2. You meet other developers

When you do your research you come across other developers, their articles, their YouTube videos, sometimes you comment on this content and that’s how you get to know other developers. Also, when you record a video or write your articles other developers come and comment and then you engage in a discussion and you can even become friends in a way; even if it’s just online. This way you create relationships which are great also for your career or even just for having awesome technical discussions.

3. You stay up to date with the industry

Through discussions and through research, you also come across new subjects, what is going on in the industry and this is how you learn about new frameworks, new techniques, new programming languages or new versions of programming languages. You always learn what is new and this is a great way to stay up to date with what is going on in the industry.

Yes, you can stay up to date and learn without being a content creator but if you are a content creator you kind of do it at the same time of creating content, which is a very convenient way of staying up-to-date with the industry news.

4. You create your brand online

When you create content online you create your brand and other people can see you as an expert in certain subjects. If you write about a specific framework or specific programming language people see you as an expert in this area and this is how you create your brand which can help you to get your future job or if you are a freelancer it can help you in getting more business. And that leads me to point number five.

5. You are increasing your job and business opportunities

Exactly the same way, people searching for specific subjects, specific programming languages, for blog articles or video tutorials, they come across your content and then if they are interested and if they like what you have produced as an article or a video then they may even get in touch with you and offer you a job or business opportunity, which is great.

6. You develop more skills

Being a content creator is also good for your personal development. Writing is a great skill to have for a Web Developer or for anybody who’s doing anything these days as a matter of fact.

If you record a video tutorial you usually need to do some edits, improve the sound and the picture and this is how you learn video production. You probably won’t become an expert at it, but it could be a valuable skill for you in the future. It can even help you to get a job if you have video production and writing skills.

If you record videos it also teaches you public speaking. It’s not easy to do but I think it’s quite a good skill to have these days to be able to publicly speak either on a recorded video or even during live events.

7. You make side income

Creating content could also become your side income. There are services that pay for writing articles like Medium or publishing YouTube videos can also bring some money if you have been doing it for some time and you are popular you actually can earn a little bit of money. All of this will probably not replace your salary, at least not for some time, but it can be a nice side income that can help you to bring a little bit of money for you in addition to your paying job.

8. You are helping others

When you create content online you help other web developers on a similar journey. When you share your experience you have gained over the years, it can help others to improve their skills or learn something new or even help them to get a job. It will give you a great sense of satisfaction if somebody will comment or send you a message that you have helped them with your content.

9. It can be fun

Being a web developer is great but it can be hard sometimes and creating content can be a great way to do something different and interesting and I promise you, while creating content is quite hard to do, it can be very interesting and fun. Especially engaging with other developers, discussing and sharing your knowledge online.


So these are 9 ways how becoming a content creator as a Web Developer can help you in your career.

If you have other ideas about this topic please let me know in the comments.

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Happy coding!

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