6 Step Formula For a Successful Digital Project

A secret formula for a successful digital project

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What is the secret formula for a successful digital project? Well, it is not a secret anymore and I am sharing it with you below, at least my version of it. If you are embarking on a digital project like a website or an app following the steps below will increase your chances of success. So without further ado, what you do at the beginning is you…

1. Build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Start from the features that are absolutely necessary and don’t add too many features that you think your customers will need. Once the product is out, you will get a lot of feedback from your customers and users what features or information they are looking for and a decision on what to build next will be easier. Therefore, from the start, do not try to guess and waste money and time; build what is essential and let it grow organically. Once you have your MVP, then…

2. Release it quickly.

The best way to test your product is to release it quickly to your customers. Instead of building your product for months, if you stick to MVP you can release it quickly and test your application in a real-life situation. This is a much better approach than guessing what your customers want and building a lot of features that are never going to be used. It will also help you a lot if you…

3. Track customer behaviour.

Tracking customer behaviour and effectiveness of your application is essential these days with any digital project like a website or an app. How do you know otherwise what works and what is not? Do you know the abandonment rate of the forms on your website? Did you set some KPIs that you are trying to achieve, like the number of registrations or subscriptions per month? All of this can be tracked and the best ways to achieve these goals can be figured out from the data you collect. But for this to happen you must…

4. Analyse your data.

Once you have collected a lot of data regarding customer behaviour it is very important to analyse it. You can use it to improve your product functionality, effectiveness and user experience. Is there important information or a feature hidden somewhere deep that is difficult to find for the users? Is there any particular page a lot of people abandon (they stop using your website or an app at this point)? You can identify elements that currently do not work if you analyse your data. And after this, it is time to…

5. Improve your product.

Once you know what works and what doesn’t work based on your analysis, it is important to take action and improve the elements that are not effective or not useful as well as add features that are desirable by your customers or users. It is not guesswork anymore like at the beginning of the project and your money and time are now well spent. But this is not the end and for these steps to really work it is essential to…

6. Repeat the process.

These steps are only effective if you repeat this process (Measure -> Analyse -> Improve) constantly. It will take time and effort and you will be making mistakes along the way but eventually, if you stick to this pattern, you will build an effective, successful product that your customers will want to use. There is a very low chance that you will get everything right and build an amazing product with your first release even if you try very hard. Instead, take a steady approach, build an MVP and continue working on your product to make it better.


The above steps will almost guarantee success or at least drastically increase the chances of success of your project if you are consistent and persistent in following them through. It works for small and big projects, regardless of your budget; just spread your money evenly into each step.

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