Transform Your Web Development Career with These 4 Must-Have Skills

Seize the Moment: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Learn

Przemyslaw Jarzynski
4 min readFeb 18


Transform Your Web Development Career

I know it is already February and goals for 2023 should have already been set (and forgotten 😂) but I think reviewing your goals should happen more often than once a year and I felt a need to rethink my goals for 2023 and skills that I would like to acquire or improve this year.

Why did I decide to do it now? It is not a surprise to anybody that the world of software and web development is changing quickly. The only difference now is that we can clearly see, with ChatGPT and other tools, what impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have on all developers worldwide.

Over the last few years, we were debating if we (software and web developers) are going to be replaced by AI in the coming years. The answer is probably not yet.

However, all current web developers are going to be replaced by the new wave of web developers if they don’t adapt and learn the new skills of modern web development.

And precisely this shift in technology makes 2023 the best time to become a web developer for anybody who wants to learn it.

There is a range of soft skills modern developers need to have but this time let’s focus on technical skills.

You obviously need to know some foundations so how the Internet works in a little bit more detail than an average person. Then you need to know all the web development workflow from using Git through development practices and at least the basics of the CI/CD process. Then of course HTML, CSS and JavaScript at least and at least the basics of one front-end framework like React or Vue.js. But these are just foundations that every web developer needs to know and knowing all of this will not make you any better than an average web developer.

What makes you better than average and what I call a Superstar Web Developer?

Learning skills that will make you super productive and deliver high-quality work faster than an average web developer. And to achieve this you need to learn the tools that will help you to achieve that.



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